Becoming A Children’s Author Can Be Easy

bacaSince most agents represent only those children’s authors with an established publishing record, children’s writers are pretty much on their own when it comes to selling the first two or three books, and therefore conferences emphasize marketing, with librarians, bookstore owners, magazine and book editors discussing editorial needs and requirements. In fact, networking for marketing tips is often one of the main reasons many attend these conferences.

Networking may be as simple as sitting down to lunch and asking other writers what they are working on. Soon the conversation turns to publications and book editors that are writer-friendly; if an editor is at the table, she shares the needs of

The Art Of Giving Great Interview

Consider these points for interviewing people for your blog:

taogi1. Make the most of your interviewing time, and give your subject the maximum amount of time to talk. Prepare your questions in advance so that you don’t flounder. To create an atmosphere of easy conversation, don’t keep the list of questions in front of you. Tuck them inside the cover of your notepad or place them discreetly to the side to peek at now and then. Be familiar enough with your questions in advance to be flexible if new material from your subject’s comments and responses pops up, if your interview takes an interesting new slant, or if your

Need To Lose Weight? Easy… If You’re Not Lazy

ntlweGary Gardner, co-author with Brian Halweil of Underfed and Overfed: The Global Epidemic of Malnutrition, says, “The hungry and the overweight share high levels of sickness and disability, shortened life expectancies, and lower levels of productivity — each of which is a drag on a country’s development.” These authors point out some frightening statistics: in the U.S., 55 percent of adults are overweight by international standards, 23 percent of American adults are considered obese, and one-in-five American children are classified as overweight. They note that obesity is much to blame for chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, which plague our society.

In terms of solutions, the authors suggest,

Successfully Querying Publications Can Work For You

mfyYou’ve done everything right. You’ve scouted a magazine for a year, analyzed its content and formulated solid article ideas. You’ve researched which editor responds to a query. You have three perfect ideas (and three back-ups) for the magazine you most want to break into. But you’re conditioned to pick your best and develop it in a formal query.

So you send it.

They reject it.

No matter how marvelous your idea–or how well you know a magazine–you’ll never know the internal discussions within a magazine’s editorial offices. Though the magazine may never have published an article similar to the one you’re proposing, yours could get rejected for a number of

Drinking In Advertising Wisdom

“Advertising pays, but it’s difficult to determine what methods to use,” says Dennis Henderson at Millstream Brewing. “Everyone says their venue is best–but you never know.”

The following article discusses media usage and effectiveness, product focus, population target segments, and the role of celebrities in advertising among four types of beverage manufacturers–soft drink, juice, water, and alcohol-related products.

The agency edge

diaAt 8 percent of revenue, soft drink manufacturers lead the pack in dollars set aside for advertising. Moreover, at 74 percent, soft drink manufacturers are more likely than any other type of facility to use an advertising agency.

Results show that one in three manufacturers plan to increase their …

Getting The Most Out Of The Web For Writers

The web can be a fantastic thing for writers, both on a research and a marketing tip. Check these points out, and get stronger with the web!

1. Locate experts to interview

wrQuite often, your online research will turn up just the person you need for an in-depth interview. Many experts host their own websites; others are often associated with universities, government organizations, and commercial and private agencies. Associations often list directories online, enabling you to locate experts both locally and globally.

If you know the name of the author of a book on the topic you’re researching, try searching for that author directly. If no website pops up, visit

How To Have A Best Diet When Facing Arthritis

rheumatoid arthritis hurtsPeople who feel pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis may make a plan about changing a diet. While making the plan, the nutritionist’s help will be necessary, as well as doctor’s advice. RA patients often feel tired and exhausted. That’s why they will need to eat food that will keep them healthy and vital. Rheumatoid arthritis diet should not be complicated, but rather simple. A person who feels pain in hands does not have enough strength to cook complicated meals, so eating simple foods is of great importance here. And not only the preparation is what counts, but the healthy results that simple cuisine is offering. For example, eating raw food …