Getting The Most Out Of The Web For Writers

The web can be a fantastic thing for writers, both on a research and a marketing tip. Check these points out, and get stronger with the web!

1. Locate experts to interview

wrQuite often, your online research will turn up just the person you need for an in-depth interview. Many experts host their own websites; others are often associated with universities, government organizations, and commercial and private agencies. Associations often list directories online, enabling you to locate experts both locally and globally.

If you know the name of the author of a book on the topic you’re researching, try searching for that author directly. If no website pops up, visit

Why Snoring Might Be Heralding Your Death

antisnoringNo one likes to snore. No one likes to hear someone else snore. Those who do snore tend to get rudely awakened when someone jabs them in the ribs and those who share a bed or a household with someone who snores usually needs to sleep with earplugs in order to get any type of rest.

While snoring is not the most desirable quality to look for in a partner it can be a very loud, yet often overlooked, warning sign to a more serious condition. Usually when people are confronted with others who snore it’s overlooked as something the person can’t help. Maybe they’re older or overweight. Maybe they’re a heavy drinker. It’s assumed snoring goes hand-in-hand with these issues. In a sense, that’s not incorrect. Snoring can be caused by a variety of lifestyle choices and may be eliminated once these lifestyle pieces are adjusted or removed.

But if you’re that person who has done everything you can possibly think of to stop snoring and you still snore, you may have a more serious condition.

Sleep apnea is often left untreated and undiagnosed. There are people who have died from this condition never realizing that they had it in the first place.

What is sleep apnea then? It sounds very strange, doesn’t it?

Sleep apnea is a condition where the muscles in your airway are over relaxed for normal sleep. This causes your airway to be obstructed while you are sleeping. The obstruction of your airway muscles collapsing can range from slightly annoying to exceptionally serious. As with snoring when your tongue obstructs your airway, you may snore which is how your body reacts to that obstruction. There are several anti-snoring devices on the market that aim to address that particular issue. But when it’s the muscles inside your airway that you can’t really touch or support, you’ve got an issue.

People with sleep apnea will stop breathing for anywhere from several seconds to a minute during the night. This starves your body and your brain of oxygen which can lead to deadly effects such as high blood pressure, stroke, or heart failure. Our organs all need oxygen to keep functioning, not just our lungs, so when we stop breathing at any time our body goes into a type of shock.

Snoring and sleep apnea differ, but treatments are similar… Click here.

There are treatments for sleep apnea so it’s not as if all hope is lost. It is possible to carry on living a normal life if you suffer from sleep apnea. There are masks you Continue reading

Truth And Lies In Advertising

taliaThere was a supermarket in my hometown that used to drive me crazy. They’d advertise low, low prices–real bargains, compared to competitors. But then, you’d notice this small note at the bottom of the ad: Plus 10%. (Or worse, you’d discover it when you went to check out that “We have to add 10% to your total.”) So what started out looking like a great bargain turned out to be not much different than you would have gotten at any of the other stores.

Now, I wouldn’t have minded so much if that 10% actually meant something. Like, “We just show our wholesale price on the shelf or ad,” and

Smart Marketing Is, Well, Smarter

What if I told you there’s a new way to market? One that will obsolete the old methods. That will bring about vast fortunes for those who understand it. Failure for those who don’t.

Big words, I know. Give me a few minutes and I think I can prove it. As is so often the case, to understand where we’re headed, you merely have to remember where we’ve been.

Golden Spikes vs. Golden Cables

smOne hundred and thirty years ago, the pounding of a golden spike memorialized an event of enormous consequence. An event awaited with eager anticipation by an entire nation–the completion of the transcontinental railroad.

Several decades ago,

Have You Tried Hypnotherapy In Order To Stop Panic Attacks?

hythHypnotherapy has been tried and tested by many stop a panic attack. So has muscle relaxation techniques. How effective it is really depends on the individual. It is important to know the distinction between theory and practice. If you think it is enough to read about all the ways of how to stop a panic attack, you would be deluding yourself. Like everything else, you need to make it a part of your daily routine and practice these techniques until you become perfect at it. Then, the next time you sense a panic attack coming on; you will know what to do at the right time.

Many people do …

Can One Prevent Data Loss With RAID Arrays?

pdlSometimes, data loss is inevitable, and the user finds himself in situation where he does not have any information left to rely on. Luckily, there are some steps one may consider in order to prevent getting into this problem. Even the best RAID server configurations may run into serious troubles, and may need professional RAID recovery.

The most usual problems one may face are related to viruses, physical damages, hard drive failures, data loss or even multiple hard drive failures. However, there may be cases when the data is not lost for good, and here are some tips to protect the data from home. The first thing to do is save the data somewhere else, on CD, USB, especially the critical files. There are many anti-virus programs one may install, and they can protect the files successfully. It is recommended to be careful with diagnostic programs, because some may cause more serious problems, especially with data recovery. Even the physical damage of the computer can cause data loss, so it is better to keep the computer in good surroundings. The most important thing is not to try anything alone, especially when it comes to difficult operations such as RAID recovery.

The Essence Of RAID Recovery

There are a number of Continue reading

Becoming A Children’s Author Can Be Easy

bacaSince most agents represent only those children’s authors with an established publishing record, children’s writers are pretty much on their own when it comes to selling the first two or three books, and therefore conferences emphasize marketing, with librarians, bookstore owners, magazine and book editors discussing editorial needs and requirements. In fact, networking for marketing tips is often one of the main reasons many attend these conferences.

Networking may be as simple as sitting down to lunch and asking other writers what they are working on. Soon the conversation turns to publications and book editors that are writer-friendly; if an editor is at the table, she shares the needs of